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We at Advance Camera specialize in antique camera repair. Our large stock of spare parts allows us to repair virtually any old Leica, Rollei and Nikon. 
  • All repairs done on site
  • We do camera restoration
  • Large inventory of Leica parts. Many of which are no longer available.
  • Specialized Rollei repair personnel.
  • We have many tools on premises that allow us to manufacture our own parts: Welder machine, Metal lathe, Milling Machine among others.
  • Call us, or email
  • We ship UPS insured
  • 90 Day guarantees on all repairs 

We can repair many cameras for which parts are no longer available.  Some parts we can modify or custom fabricate.  Our knowledge, and experience allows us to fabricate parts, such a custom lens mounts, and virtually any other part you may need, especially ones that are no longer available.

We at Advance Camera have experience, expertise, and a passion for old cameras. Our stock of old cameras and parts allows us to repair virtually any camera when those parts are no longer available . We can restore and even manufacture many parts and finishes ourselves. We have many parts for screw mount Leicaís and twin lens Rolleiís, and many more. On top of restoring and repairing old camera we also appraise and buy your old cameras.

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