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If your Camera, Camcorder, Lens, Projector or other Photographic Accessory is in need of Repair, Cleaning or Calibration. You can get a Repair Estimate of the work required from Advance Camera Repair. Please supply us with the information requested in the form below, and we'll respond via the method of your choice with the estimated cost and work required. Fields marked with an * are Required.

NOTICE!!!  Due to the fact that most photographic equipment repair problems can vary, and there is no
way of knowing what is wrong without physically seeing the equipment, we will not be able to give any estimates online.  On occasion, there is a way to give an estimate over the phone, but not always.  Please send your equipment to us for the most accurate estimate possible.  Estimate are always free!

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PLEASE NOTE: Our response to this inquiry will not constitute a Price Quote. Our Estimate will be based on the average labor required to repair the above equipment. This is of course contingent on our inspection and evaluation of the equipment when received by us. Once received we will send you a detailed estimate of the actual labor, parts & shipping required to service your equipment. The estimate is free, your only obligation is for return shipping, if you choose to decline the repair. Our guarantee period is six months on amateur photographic equipment and three months on professional equipment.


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