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  • 90 Day guarantees on all repairs
  • Call us, or email
  • All repairs done on site
  • Classic Camera repair
  • We ship UPS insured

Q: How much will my repair cost? 
A: The cost of the repair depends on the complexity of your camera and the category of problem.

Q: What is a minimal service that you offer? 
A: Camera will be checked for accuracy of meter, shutter, and exposure. The advance mechanism and sharpness will also be checked. External cleaning and replacement of missing screws.

Q: What is a standard repair? 
A: Repair of specific area in camera, otherwise in good condition plus cleaning and adjustment

Q: What is a major repair?
A: Repair of more than one problem. Replacement of broken parts or units. Replacement of light shield and foam around the back door and mirror, cleaning and adjustment of entire camera.

Q: What does a complete camera overhaul include? 
A: Entire camera will be taken apart. All parts will be inspected, worn parts replaced, or restored, and camera will be cleaned and adjusted to good working order.

Q: How about Water, Sand, and Impact damage? 
A: Water, Sand, and Impact damage can cause any kind of problem. We cannot predict how much time and what kind of parts will be required. Camera must be sent in for an estimate.

Q: Is it worth fixing my camera? 
A: Only you can answer this question. If you like your camera and the pictures it takes, if it has more than monetary value, what you can buy with the money which the repair will cost, and simply your budget.

Q: How often do I need to service my camera? 
A: There is no standard set by the manufacturers. It all depends on how you store and use the camera. It is however recommended that you check your camera before a vacation or important photo shoot.

Q: What kind of warrantee or guarantee does advance camera provide? 
A: Our warrantee is 30 days on the work done. We do not guarantee the parts used. The manufacturer guarantees them. The original invoice must accompany all warrantee claims. It is the customerís responsibility to keep the invoice until the end of the warrantee period.

Q: How do I get my camera to Advance Camera? 
A: You can send your equipment to us via US Postal Service. Please call us prior to shipping your item so that we can explain how to pack it and provide you with the address

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